L'arrière Saison

Ansó - Huesca - Spain

That was what the legendary musician Charlie Parker used to tell to his students, as it's shown on the documentary of his life.  

In 2016,  I met the artist Neil Saidi while we were both studying in New York.  I wanted to give him one of my works, but instead, I decided to create something that he would be able to use and laugh about it.
This reed-case is made with pre-treated Oak wood. Every element of the case is designed to fit in a single small wood board, and the whole process is only made using a laser cutter and two small hinges.

The case has a wooden humidifier that helps to keep humidity balanced inside the case, and a thin tray with transversal cuts that prevents the reeds from mold.

Sketches from a real life model

Graphite and Watercolor on paper

24,9cm x 21 cm each

Imaginary and Live Sketches

Black ink and found organic objects

130 cm x 80 cm

Live Palette

Wood, glass, paper and organic materials

23 cm x 30 cm


Fertilized Clay, Lichen and Moss

22 cm x 38 cm